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STOLTZ Trailer Accessories



Stoltz Super Rollers are made of polyurethane to replace ordinary rubber rollers that need frequent replacement. The long life of these polyurethane rollers makes them economical!

Boat owners are amazed the first time that they launch and retrieve their boat! Be sure that your boat is tied to the trailer as IT WILL ROLL RIGHT OFF onto the ramp. Stoltz Super Rollers retain their shape - the boat will come off of the trailer just as easily as the first time, even after months of storage!

Stoltz has a wide selection of rollers to choose from. Please select from a grouping below.

Bow Stops
Cross Member
Keel Rollers

Rocker Rollers
  • Guaranteed to outlast any other roller on the market
  • Lab tests have proven that Polyurethane has much better cut and abrasion resistance than PVC
  • Will not mark your boat
  • Won't flat spot
  • Extremely cut resistant
  • Made in the USA


STOLTZ Super Rollers are made of polyurethane, to replace rubber and PVC rollers that need frequent replacement. Although they cost more initially, their long life makes them economical in the long run. Polyurethane is extremely cut and abrasion resistant. Won't split or crack, even in extreme cold.


STOLTZ rollers do not leave the black scuff marks that black rubber rollers do. No more hard work cleaning the bottom of your boat. We have seen catalogs advertise black rubber as "non-marking", but that just is not true.


If your boat is supported by STOLTZ rollers, it will roll right off. Some trailers have either no rollers at all, or ones that don't touch the boat. Adding a couple of keel rollers to a bunk trailer that has none, will greatly reduce the effort to launch and retrieve your boat. Adjustable brackets are widely available. We recommend the one piece variety. What you are doing is shifting some of the weight from the carpeted bunk to the roller, thereby reducing the friction between boat and trailer. You will be amazed at how much easier they make launching. You also don't need to submerge the trailer to float off the boat. You won't get water in the wheel bearings, and will keep the tow vehicle off of the slippery portion of the ramp. They also provides better support for the keel and transom, which many boat manufacturers recommend. STOLTZ rollers won't flat spot after months of storage.


It is not unusual for other companies to try and capitalize on someone else's success. In recent years there have been a few copycats. Some are poor quality polyurethane, but most are not polyurethane at all. You may have seen the blue bow stops. Those are PVC. The same company also makes it in black, and yellow. We have also seen PVC rollers from China at some of the trade shows. PVC gets harder as it gets older, and can damage your boat through abrasion. It can also spilt and break. So if you want the best, with all the benefits described here, make sure you look for the name ôSTOLTZö right on the roller.


You will never find a "MADE IN TAIWAN" or "MADE IN CHINA" tag on STOLTZ parts. Every one of them is made in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida of the BEST polyurethane available for this application. Buy with confidence.

Enjoy your boat and trailer!

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