Crusader Inboards

Engine Parts

Belts Freeze Plugs Pulleys
Bell Housings Gaskets New Engines
Cam Bearings Harmonic Balancers Remanufactured Engines
Camshafts Intake Manifolds Push Rods
Connecting Rods Lifters Rocker Arms
Connecting Rod Bearings Main Bearing Sets Rod Bearing Sets
Crankshafts Oil Drain Kits Seals
Cylinder Heads Oil Filters Spark Plugs
Dipsticks Oil Pans Timing Covers
Engine Gasket Kits Oil Pumps Timing Kits
Engine/Transmission Mounts Piston Rings Valve Covers
Flywheels Pistons Valve Train Assembly
Fuel System Parts
Carburetor Kits Flame Arresters Fuel Pumps
Carburetors Fuel Filters Throttle Cable Brackets
Choke Assemblies Fuel Lines  
Water Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Fresh Water Cooling, Thermostats, etc.
Circulating Water Pumps Oil Coolers Transmission Coolers
Heat Exchangers Raw Water Pumps Water Pump Pulleys
Special Order
Heat Exchangers & Coolers
Thermostat Housings Molded Hose 
Thermostats & Kits Impeller Kits 

Exhaust Parts

Exhaust Manifold Kits Manifolds
Gaskets, Hardware, Mounting Kits Risers, Elbows, Spacers
Electrical Parts
Alarm Senders Electronic Ignition Kits Ignition Wire Kits
Circuit Breakers Gauges Rotors
Distributor Caps Ignition Coils Spark Plugs
Distributors Ignition Modules Tune Up Kits
Points Condensers Voltage Regulators
Starters and Alternators
Alternator Brackets Solenoids for Starters
Alternators Starters
Exhaust Hose, Corrugated Fuel Tank Fill Hose Water/Heater Hose, Heavy Duty
Exhaust Hose, Hardwall Fuel Tank Fill Hose, Corrugated Water Hose, Hardwall
Exhaust Hose, Softwall Hose Clamps Water Hose, Softwall
Fuel/Feed Vent Hose Molded Hose  
Controls and Steering
Controls Control~Steering Hardware Rotary Steering
Control Cables Rack Steering  
Controls and Steering
Hardware Decals

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