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STORZALL Fuel Stabilizer E-Zoil 16 oz S80-16


  • Part #: EZOS80-16

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STORZALL Fuel Stabilizer and Fuel Enhancer

The best fuel storage performance enhancer, STORZALL uses an anti-oxidant formula to inhibit fuel oxidation for up to 12 months, protecting fuel system and engine components and helping prevent breakdowns.

Fuels stored for prolonged periods of time form gums and varnishes. Gums and varnishes result in plugged fuel lines and fuel filters, hard starting, reduced engine life and overall decreased performance. STORZALL controls the formation of these harmful gums and varnishes.

Fuels stored for 2 months or longer should be treated with STORZALL. Biofuels degrade faster than petroleum fuels and may require more frequent treating.

STORZALL is compatible with other fuel additives.


  • Prevents Fuel Degradation
  • Safe for Gas, Diesel and Biodiesel
  • 16 oz treats 400 gallons of fuel.


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