Exhaust Manifold for GM V8 OMC Log Port 910144 909279 912442

  • Part #: BAROMC-1-912442


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Port Side Log Style Manifold for an OMC. It will fit a small block GM from 1978 to about 1988. It uses the Barr # OMC-20-982680 Riser Manifold gasket and mounting hardware to mount to head are included. This item replaces OMC #s: 910144, 909279, 912442; Osco # 2442; GLM # 51420; Sierra # 18-1903; Mallory # 9-40601
Barr Manifolds and Risers come with a 3-year limited warranty (PDF)!
Genuine  Barr  Parts

BARR American made

Brand Model Year HP Serial # Notes
OMC Stern Drive 502AMLGDP 1988
OMC Stern Drive 502APRGDP 1988
OMC Stern Drive 504AMARY 1987
OMC Stern Drive 504AMFTC 1987
OMC Stern Drive 504AMLGDP 1988
OMC Stern Drive 504APARY 1987
OMC Stern Drive 504APFTC 1987
OMC Stern Drive 504APRGDP 1988
OMC Stern Drive 574AMFTC 1987
OMC Stern Drive 574AMLGDP 1988
OMC Stern Drive 574APARY 1987
OMC Stern Drive 574APFTC 1987
OMC Stern Drive 574APRGDP 1988
OMC Stern Drive 574APSRC 1987
OMC Stern Drive 574BMLGDP 1988
OMC Stern Drive 574BPRGDP 1988

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