Castable 5 Arm Umbrella Rig 6.5 inch 20g Dark Green-White East Coast and Alabama Favorite

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One of the most unique rigs on the market now is the castable umbrella rig. This rig is a multiple armed rig that features five coastlock snap swivels that are attached with snap rings and a twisted ends on the wire to have a little added insurance. Each arm measures 5" length and a total length of 6.5". This rig will allow the angler to catch multiple fish at once and possibly even hook five fish at once. The range of the lures is endless, just make your selection and prepare to catch multiple fish. This rig features a Black/White coloration with a 20 gram head weight which allows the angler to fish these baits in numerous styles; you can fish the rig on the surface for fish that may be on top or fish it on the bottom. The possibilities are endless, tie one on and prepare to catch fish.

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