Castable 5 Arm Umbrella Rig 6.5 inch 20g Black-Gray East Coast and Alabama Favorite

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Are you ready to make a big splash with one of the hottest baits in the fishing industry? This castable rig has been proven to be a fish catching machine. With its five 5” arms being attached to your choice of baits you have endless possibilities as far as bait combinations. The total length of this rig is 6.5” with a head weight of 20 grams to ensure the angler that he is able to cast his preferred distance. Featuring five coastlock style swivels attached by snap rings, haywire twists for added insurance and a Black/Silver coloration that is sure to catch the attention of your fish. Just attach your choice of baits and get ready to bend your rod. The possibilities are endless.Watch  out  they  don't  bite  you!

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