Manifold Riser Exhaust Kit for Volvo Penta 4.3L 262 V6 1979-1993

  • Part #: GLM58640


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Exhaust Manifold Riser Kit For Volvo Penta GM V6 4.3L with the AQ Series Outdrive.

Fits engine models AQ175, AQ205, AQ340A, AQ430B, AQ432 and AQ434

Includes 2 GLM # 51520 Risers
GLM  51520  Riser

Includes 2 GLM # 51640 Manifolds
GLM  51640  Manifold

2 Riser Gaskets
Riser  Gasket
2 Manifold Gaskets
manifold  gasket

V6VE  dimensions

Cross Reference Component Part Numbers
Volvo Penta Manifolds 856894
  Risers 857037
Osco Manifolds -
  Risers -
Barr Manifolds -
  Risers -
GLM Manifolds 51640
  Risers 51520
Sierra Manifolds 18-1932
  Risers 18-1936
HGE Manifolds 6894
  Risers 7037
Mallory Manifolds -
  Risers -

GLM Cast Iron Manifolds and Risers come with a 3-year limited warranty!

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