Bullet Head Trolling Lure 5" Green "Chine Lead Head

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One of the most popular trolling lures among charter captains along the east coast of North Carolina.  This universal trolling lure has been proven to catch a wide variety of pelagics, however, it is deadly for blackfin tuna.  This new designed head is made out of lead which will help keep the lure in the water and increase the chances for a hookup.  Commonly fished on the "WWB" (way way back) or "long line" behind a bird with about 8-9ft of monofilament back to this lure is the typical setup.
  • 5" Bullet Head Trolling Lure
  • Commonly called a Green Machine
  • Bright Green Skirts, Double Skirted
  • Great for Trolling
  • Head Weight: 40g (1.4oz)
  • Total Weight: 49.5g (1.75oz)

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