Valve Anti-Siphon Check Valve for Volvo Penta Risers replaces 3857761

  • Part #: VOL3857761


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Genuine Volvo Penta # 3857761 Anti-Siphon Check Valve.

Connects to side of Exhaust Riser.

Fits the following Volvo Penta Gasoline Engines;
4.3GXiE-M, 4.3GL-P, 4.3GXi-P, 4.3GXi-Q, 4.3GXiE-P, 4.3GXiE-Q, 4.3GXi-225-R, 4.3Gi-200-R, 4.3GXiE-225-R,V6-200-A, V6-225-A, V6-225-E-A, 4.3GXi-B, 4.3GXi-BF, 4.3OSi-B, 4.3OSi-BF, 4.3GL-A, 4.3GL-B, 4.3GL-C, 4.3GL-D, 4.3GXi-A, 4.3GXi-C, 4.3GXi-CF, 4.3GXi-D, 4.3GXi-DF, 4.3OSi-C, 4.3OSi-CF, 4.3OSi-D, 4.3OSi-DF, 4.3GXi-E, 4.3GXi-EF, 4.3OSi-E, 4.3OSi-EF, 4.3GXi-F, 4.3GXi-FF, 4.3OSi-F, 4.3OSi-FF, 4.3GL-E, 4.3GL-EF, 4.3GL-G, 4.3GL-GF, 4.3GL-J, 4.3GL-JF, 4.3GXi-G, 4.3GXi-GF, 4.3OSi-G, 4.3OSi-GF, 4.3GXi-J, 4.3GXi-JF, 4.3OSi-J, 4.3OSi-JF, 4.3GLPWTC, 4.3GLPWTR, 4.3GSPWTC, 4.3GSPWTR, 4.3GIPWTC, 4.3GIPWTR, 4.3GIJWTR, 4.3GSJWTR, 4.3GLPEFS, 4.3GiPEFS, 4.3GLPBYC, 4.3GSPBYC, 4.3GIPBYCCE, 4.3GSJBYA, 4.3GIJBYA, 5.0GLPEFS, 5.0GL-A, 5.0GL-B, 5.7GSPEFS, 5.7GL-A, 5.7GL-B


  • Hose Size: 5/8"
  • Thread Size: 1/2"-14 NPT

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