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Engine Coupler Triangluar for Mercruiser V6 V8 1987 up 14 Inch Flywheel 18643A7

  • Part #: SIE18-2175

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Engine Coupler Kit for Mercruiser V6 V8 and late model 4 Cylinder with 14 Inch Flywheel.

Includes Yoke Shaft to take advantage of the newer style coupling with the grease fitting.

If your model doesn't have the grease-able snout you see pictured, this will still replace your existing coupler with no issues.

The yoke shaft has an extra o-ring groove to hold the gease in the coupling.

Tech Tip:
If you do not know what diameter flywheel you have, look at your starter bolts. If you have 2 long bolts holding the starter on, then you have a 14 inch flywheel. If 1 long and 1 Short bolt, then you have the 12.75 Inch Flywheel.
  • Fits GM enignes with 14 Inch Flywheel.
  • Includes Yoke Shaft

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