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Ring Gear GM Marine 12.75 Inch Flywheel 4 Cyl V6 V8


  • Part #: BPIRG-153-N

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Ring Gear fits 12" - 12-3/4" Flywheels on GM applications
153 teeth. If you are unsure about what diameter flywheel you have look at your starter. IF you starter is held on with 1 long and 1 short bolt, you have a 12 inch flywheel.

Nothing really goes wrong with a marine flywheel except the ring gear wears out. Most people don't even know this is replaceable.

Installation Tips:

1. Tap your old ring gear off with a blunt chisel and a hammer.
2. Place new ring gear in the oven on 500 degrees for about 30 minutes. Place the flywheel in a cool or cold environment.
3. Remove ring gear from oven using pliers or an oven mit and place on flywheel and just tap in place.
4. When the two metals become the same temperature, You're done!

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