Water Pump Raw Crank Mount Volvo GM Indmar Ford V8 Johnson Pump 10-24232-1

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Crankshaft mounted raw water pump.
Pump has a 1-1/4" Hose Outlet

This pump is most commonly used on Volvo Penta from 1979-1993, Marine Power, Indmar and Crusader brand engines where Raw Water Pump is mounted to the Harmonic Balancer.

Complete pump ready to install.
dimensions  for  crank  mounted  pump
Uses JOH09-812 Impeller Kit.
Replaces: Indmar original equipment part #s: 685001, 685001-1; Crusader PCM original equipment part # RA057024; Sierra # 18-3587
Marine Power and Indmar also used this pump on their marine engines as well. This pump is great for conversion because it requires no belt.

Notice concerning these crank mounted raw water pumps.

We have had several bad online reviews concerning this pump.  People claim they have a “CERTIFIED MARINE MECHANIC” install the pump and the flange must have been “defective” because it broke upon installation.

The bolts on this pump will line up correctly in two wrong positions!  

The pulley has two knobs or protrusions that center the pump on the pulley itself.  If the knobs are not correctly oriented the pump it will cock and most people think you can just pull it in with the bolts.  This does not work breaks the flange.

We keep our prices low due to high volume and our large purchasing power.  We are technically oriented and know how these parts work. The way we keep our prices low is by taking care of our mistakes, but not taking care of other customer screw ups.  If that gets us bad online reviews by people who cannot take responsibility for their mistakes then so-be-it.

evidence  on  incorrect  installation
protrusion  on  back  side  of  pulley
damage  due  to  incorrect  pulley  installation





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