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Reduction Assembly for Borg Warner Velvet Drive CR2 Marine Transmissions


  • Part #: BORCR21.6BACK

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Good used reduction assembly for CR2 series Marine Transmissions 1013-001 and 1014-001.

This is from a 1.6 Ratio 1014-001 or 1013-001. The parts inside this Reduction assembly are:

1013-171-002 Output ring gear and shaft assy. Used on 001 (E1.6), 003 (E2.0), 005 (E2.5) and 007 (E3.0) Suffix Units
1013-070-001 Pinion Gear 50 teeth 2 grooves. Only used on 001 (E1.6)Suffix Units
1000-044-003 Rear Seal (brand New)
1000 031-001* Coupling (Brand New)
4775Q* Coupling Nut (new).

The CR2 Unit is a drop center transmission. Than means the input and output are not on the same plane. They made two versions of each ratio. One had an Idler assembly which reverses the output (Has the letter "O" before the ratio, and the other didn't (has the letter "E" before the ratio).

*The first two parts are not available from Velvet Drive Anymore.

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