Almost Alive Lures 6" Soft Plastic Flying Fish with Swept Back Wing Bait Natural Color

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  • 6" Swept Back Wing Flying Fish
  • Natural Color

Almost Alive Luresâ„¢
Flying Fish are your ideal offshore bait.  Flying fish are a staple of pelagic game fish diet.  A less expensive alternative to pricier flying fish on the market, you can rig them on a daisy chain or individually with a J-hook and pull them just as you would any other bait. These lures make a loud commotion on the surface, bringing fast attention and swift strikes.   Flying fish work well off the corners, short riggers, long riggers and shotgun positions. You can literally fish these lures in any position of your spread and you will get bit !!

Almost Alive Luresâ„¢ are precision crafted for superb live swimming action, making them second-to-none in the water when compared with other brands.

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