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Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit Delco V8 EST Electronic Ignition


  • Part #: BPI71810

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Distributor Cap and Rotor for Delco EST Late Style V8. It is denoted by male stud wire connections on top. Cap and Rotor are not sold separately.

If you have a V8 GM engine with male spark plug terminals in the cap and a square cutout where the module goes through, then this is the correct cap for you application. Used by virtually all marine engine brands.

This item replaces: Mercruiser part # 808483Q1.

Engine Displacement Ignition Type Years Serial Number range
V85.0L EFI (Gen )Delco19980L012052-0L339999
V85.7L BravoThunderbolt V1994-19950F353525-0F600999
V85.7L Bravo (2 bbl.)Thunderbolt V1996-19970F601000-0K999999
V85.7L Bravo (Gen )Thunderbolt V1998 & Up0L010037 & Up
V85.7LX Alpha (4 bbl.)Thunderbolt V1996-19970F601000-0K999999
V85.7L SkiPrestolite1985-19950A338533-0F775199
V85.7LX Bravo (4 bbl.)Thunderbolt V1996-19970F601000-0K999999
V85.7L EFI MIE (Gen )Delco19970K040300-0K999999
V8350 Mag Alpha EFI (Gen )Delco19960F800300-0K001508
V8350 Mag Alpha EFI (Gen )Delco19970K001509-0K999999
V8350 Mag Bravo MPIDelco19950F415189-0F601999
V8350 Mag Bravo MPI (Gen )Delco19960F602000-0K001500
V8350 Mag Bravo MPI (Gen )Delco19970F001501-0K999999
V8350 Mag MPI (Gen )Delco19980L010019-0L339999
V8350 Mag MPI MIE (Gen )Delco1998 & Up0L002008-0L304499
V8350 Mag EFI SkiDelco1994-19960F215561-0F820706
V8350 Mag EFI Ski (Gen )Delco19960F820707-0K040005
V8350 Mag EFI Ski (Gen )Delco19970K040006-0K999999
V8350 Mag MPI SkiDelco1995-19960F350583-0F799999
V8350 Mag MPI Ski (Gen )Delco19980L002600-0L304599
V8Black Scorpion Ski (Gen )Delco19960F800000-0K040000
V8Black Scorpion Ski (Gen )Delco1997-19980K040001-0L304549
V8Black Scorpion Ski (Gen )Delco1999 & Up0L304550 & Up
V87.4LX Bravo EFIDelco1996-19970F820000-0K999999
V87.4LX Bravo MPIDelco19960F602010-0F801999
V87.4LX Bravo MPIDelco19960F820000-0K147349
V87.4LX Bravo MPIDelco19970K147350-0K999999
V87.4L MPI (L29)Delco1998 & Up0L01000 & Up
V87.4L TBI MIEDelco1996-19970F874815-0K999999
V87.4L MPI MIEDelco1995-19960F563052-0F820103
V87.4L MPI MIEDelco19960F820104-0K146534
V87.4L MPI MIEDelco19970K146535-0K999999
V87.4L MPI MIE (L29)Delco1998 & Up0L002006 & Up
V8454 EFIDelco1994-19960F115700-0F8 02349
V8454 Mag MPIDelco19960F802350-0K147349
V8454 Mag MPIDelco1997-19980K147350 & Up
V8454 Mag MPI Horizon MIEDelco1998 & Up0L002200 & Up
V8454 Mag MPI SkiDelco1995-19960F215800-0F820099
V8454 Mag MPI SkiDelco1996-19970F820100-0K999999
V8502 EFIDelco1993-19960D840650-0F802599
V8502 Mag MPIDelco19960F802600-0K147349
V8502 Mag MPIDelco1997-19980K147350 & Up
V88.2L MPI MIEDelco19960F819620-0K145121
V88.2L MPI MIEDelco1997-19980K145122 & Up

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