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Timing Jumper Tool Cable Delco EST

  • Part #: MP009159


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Timing Tool for Delco EST timing systems.

Locks out module timing. Needed to time Delco EST ignition Systems.

1. Plug directly into distributor
2. Hook battery voltage to the black wire.
3. Start engine.
4. Set initial timing to manufacturers Specs
5. Unplug and the module does the rest!

Why do I need the timing tool??

The timing tool cancels out the timing built into the module in the distributor. Take a look at the chart below. Notice the 10 Degrees of Initial timing with the shunt activated.

Then with the shunt unplugged the engine has 19 degrees of advance at idle.

So if you set the timing the old fashioned way, you are losing the 9 degrees of advance that is controlled by the module.

I get calls almost every day with people stating their Delco EST ignition only has 10 degrees of advance. This is because they don't understand the proper timing method for this ignition system.

I hope this helps.... Jim.


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