Naqualift Muffler

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Naqualift Silencer 45 Deg Side Inlet, Top Outlet
Inlet A=1 5/8"
Outlet B=1 5/8"
NOM. HEIGHT D=9 1/2"

Our breakthrough check valve/silencer allows you to quiet your boat and protect your engine at the same time. Great for sport fishing boats and other main engine applications, the "Combo" will inhibit water intrusion even in hard backing down situations. The valve assembly is made using # 316 stainless steel pins mounted in Teflon® bearings. Properly installed, the Combo will not exceed the engine manufacturer's recommended back pressure limit.
Special Order Only
Mufflers are Non-Returnable.

Naqualift Silencer Top Inlet, Top Outlet MUFTT-350-1010
Inlet A=3 1/2"
Outlet B=3 1/2"
Base C=11 1/4"
HEIGHT D=10 1/2"

For power or sail, Naqualift™ mufflers provide superb noise reduction with virtually no power loss. Properly installed (see instructions on back inside cover), Naqualifts™ will give you years of trouble-free service. The design is suited for above or below waterline installations and is easy to install. Naqualift™ mufflers can be used on main engines or auxiliary engines.
Special Order Only

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