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At First Mate Marine, your complete satisfaction is our first and foremost concern. We offer Marine Long Blocks. If you need an engine that is not listed, please call us for a quote.


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Quality Control

Heads: After cylinder heads are repaired and before final assembly of valves-they are sealed off and pressurized with 50 psi and submerged under water to check for leaks-obviously if any are present - the head is rejected.

Assembled long blocks: After the longblock has been assembled, the engine, as a whole, is again sealed off and the water jacket pressurized with 50 psi and measured for loss.  The engine must hold 50 psi, and not  lose more than 5 lbs for a period of 5 minutes.

Other QC measures: There are several other QC checks that measure head/block surfaces, crank journals, valves, bolt torque specs, etc.

Sim Testing: As the final part of our Quality Control Procedures, we do sim test each engine that leaves our facility.  This allows us to verify the engine is performing properly.  Oil pressure and flows are recorded while we monitor oiling to the top end of the engines.  The oil itself has a fluorescent added to it-as we then "black light" the engine to verify there are no oil leaks from cam/soft plugs, tin ware, etc.  We also test and verify compression on every cylinder, in every engine that is tested.

Mercruiser 3.7L 224 cid
4 Cylinder
Ford 5.0L 302 cid
Small Block V8
Ford 5.8L 351 cid
Small Block V8
GM 4.3L 262 cid V6 GM 5.0L 305 cid
Small Block V8
GM 5.7L 350 cid
Small Block V8
GM 7.4L 454 cid
Big Block V8
Chrysler 5.2L 318 cid
Small Block V8
Chrysler 5.9L 360 cid
Small Block V8