Part Number: GLM11210
Price: $309.9500
Gear Set Upper Unit for Mercruiser 1.50 1.47 20/22 1974-1997 43-18411A2
Heavy Duty Gear Set for a Mercruiser #1 1974-1982, Alpha 1 1983-1990, and Gen 2 1991-1997 sterrndrives.

It contains the drive gear, the driven gear, and the Lower Driven gear Bearing.

They have 20/22 tooth count or 1.50 or 1.47 Gear Ratio and were used with most V8 engines.

They will fit the following applications: MC-1, R, MR, Alpha One, and Alpha One Gen. II (1974-97).

Replaces Mercury Quicksilver # 18411A2


Part Number: GLM11220
Price: $199.9500
Gear Set Upper for Mercruiser R MR Alpha 1 74-97 1.65 Ratio 43-45814A5
Upper Gear Set for Mercruiser Sterndrives 1974-1997. These drives used a 13 spline vertical drive shaft. If your unit has an 8 spline vertical drive shaft, then it is earlier than 1974 and these gears will not work.

The gears are 24-24 Tooth Count 1.65 and 1.62 Ratio. Used on Inline 6 Cylinder GM 165 HP and Many 305 2BBL applications.

They will fit Mercruiser sterndrive applications with this Gear Ration from 1974 thru 1997.

Replaces Mercury Quicksilver # 43-45814A5.


Part Number: GLM11230
Price: $219.9500
Gear Set Upper for Mercruiser 1.84 1.81 17:19 Ratio V6 4.3L 3.7L 43-75325A3
Upper Unit Gear Set For Mercruiser 3.7L (224 C.I.D.) And V-6 4.3 Liter From 1974 Thru 1997.

These Gears Are 17/19 Tooth Count 1.84 Or 1.81 ratio.
This Set containS the Drive and Driven Gears only.

Replaces Mercruiser Quicksilver # 43-75325A3.


Part Number: GLM11240
Price: $216.9500
Gear Set Upper for Mercruiser GM 4 Cyl 74-97 1.98 20 24 Teeth 43-55778A3
Upper Gear Set For A Mercruiser Stern Drive From 1974 thru 1997 That Uses A 20-24 Tooth Count(1.98 or 1.94 Ratio)As used on GM 4 Cylinder 120 140 HP and 2.5L and 3.0L Model Engines. The Set Contains The Drive And Driven Gears. This Item Replaces Mercruiser Quicksilver # 43-55778A3.