Mercruiser --> Gearcase Breakdown

MC-1 & R

(OEM: 1623-5356A4)GLM12410
(OEM: 46-96148T1)GLM12810
(OEM: 48752)GLM89840
(OEM: 47-89984-2)GLM21720
(OEM: 12-36001)GLM12821
(OEM: 10-30720)GLM21180
(OEM: 11-826711-9)GLM25110
(OEM: 26-38970)GLM87510
(OEM: 26-38970)GLM12820
(OEM: 23-29804T)GLM25110
(OEM: 25-30613)GLM25115
(OEM: 25-30613)GLM87510
(OEM: 25-30613)GLM21190
(OEM: 11-45592)GLM21490
(OEM: 12-29245)GLM11070
(OEM: 28-56654)GLM25115
(OEM: 27-858524)GLM87510
(OEM: 27-858524)GLM12510
(OEM: 32435)GLM25110
(OEM: 27-85608-1)GLM87510
(OEM: 27-85608-1)GLM12310
(OEM: 46-57234A1)GLM25110
(OEM: 26-16977)GLM85040
(OEM: 26-16977)GLM87510
(OEM: 26-16977)GLM25110
(OEM: 26-89238)GLM25115
(OEM: 26-89238)GLM87510
(OEM: 26-89238)GLM25110
(OEM: 25-33145)GLM25115
(OEM: 25-33145)GLM82260
(OEM: 25-33145)GLM87510
(OEM: 25-33145)GLM25110
(OEM: 27-856704)GLM25115
(OEM: 27-856704)GLM87510
(OEM: 27-856704)GLM21570
(OEM: 31-53079A1)GLM25110
(OEM: 31-53079A1)GLM25115
(OEM: 31-53079A1)GLM23300
(OEM: 15-57007A1)GLM25115
(OEM: 15-57007A1)GLM21800
(OEM: 12-29395)GLM25115
(OEM: 12-31266)GLM87510
(OEM: 26-816464-1)GLM21010
(OEM: 23-30617A2)GLM25110
(OEM: 23-30617A2)GLM25115
(OEM: 23-30617A2)GLM87510
(OEM: 23-30617A2)GLM25115
(OEM: 25-25439)GLM81180
(OEM: 25-25439)GLM32790
(OEM: 12-27880)GLM21132
(OEM: 18-20233)GLM21030
(OEM: 77481-1)GLM25110
(OEM: 26-45577-1)GLM87510
(OEM: 26-45577-1)GLM21731
(OEM: 22-67892A1)GLM25110
(OEM: 12-19183-2)GLM31170
(OEM: 12-19183-2)GLM87510
(OEM: 12-19183-2)GLM21870
(OEM: 93423-1)GLM21880
(OEM: 93424-1)GLM12822
(OEM: 10-76156)GLM21161
(OEM: 11-45812)GLM21170
(OEM: 11-34933)GLM21740
(OEM: 10-32470)GLM22430
(OEM: 10-30206)GLM12670
(OEM: 31640-4)GLM21600
(OEM: 31-92366A1)GLM25110
(OEM: 31-92366A1)GLM11100
(OEM: 43-96084A7)GLM11300
(OEM: 43-96084A7)GLM25115
(OEM: 43-96084A7)GLM11100
(OEM: 43-96084A7)GLM11190
(OEM: 11-35921)GLM25115
(OEM: 11-35921)GLM11030
(OEM: 818349T1)GLM11040
(OEM: 76865)GLM23220
(OEM: 15-47397A1)GLM25110
(OEM: 15-47397A1)GLM21590
(OEM: 31-35928T1)GLM25110
(OEM: 31-35928T1)GLM25115
(OEM: 31-35928T1)GLM11420
(OEM: 31-30895)GLM25115
(OEM: 31-30895)GLM11050
(OEM: 24-30893)GLM21131
(OEM: 17-30632)GLM11060
(OEM: 52-853594T)GLM25115
(OEM: 52-853594T)GLM11155
(OEM: 44-66060-3)GLM23290
(OEM: 15-97166, 15-31535A1)GLM25115
(OEM: 15-97166, 15-31535A1)SIE18-2284
(OEM: 15-97166, 15-31535A1)GLM23141
(OEM: 35915)GLM21620
(OEM: 30-88957T)GLM25115
(OEM: 30-88957T)GLM25110
(OEM: 25-31534)GLM25115
(OEM: 25-31534)GLM87510
(OEM: 25-31534)GLM11410
(OEM: 31-30956)GLM25110
(OEM: 31-30956)GLM25115
(OEM: 31-30956)GLM11405
(OEM: 73020A14)GLM25110
(OEM: 26-76868)GLM25115
(OEM: 26-76868)GLM85130
(OEM: 26-76868)GLM87510
(OEM: 26-76868)GLM25110
(OEM: 26-12224)GLM85700
(OEM: 26-12224)GLM87510
(OEM: 26-12224)GLM11080
(OEM: 28-30281)GLM11380
(OEM: 14-79447)GLM25110
(OEM: 14-79447)GLM25115
(OEM: 14-79447)BPI21120
(OEM: 79448)GLM21120
(OEM: 79448)MAL9-72155
(OEM: 79448)GLM21301
(OEM: 12-835467-1)GLM21760
(OEM: 13-42351-1)GLM21360
(OEM: 12-31211A3)GLM21210
(OEM: 14-31210)GLM21210
(OEM: 14-31210)GLM21230
(OEM: 11-827614)GLM11110
(OEM: 45-41939F1)GLM25110
(OEM: 25-30271)GLM87510
(OEM: 25-30271)GLM11020
(OEM: 43-92320T)GLM11300
(OEM: 43-92320T)GLM25115
(OEM: 43-92320T)GLM11100
(OEM: 43-96084A7)GLM11300
(OEM: 43-96084A7)GLM25115
(OEM: 43-96084A7)GLM11100
(OEM: 43-96084A7)BPI12110
(OEM: 46-96148A8)GLM12110
(OEM: 46-96148A8)BPI12290
(OEM: 47-89984T5)GLM12290
(OEM: 47-89984T5)GLM12754
(OEM: 888756Q02)BPI87510
(OEM: 26-33144A2)BPI87510
(OEM: 26-33144A2)GLM87510
(OEM: 26-33144A2)SIE18-2652
(OEM: 26-33144A2)

More Kits Available

Complete Gearcase Assembly
OEM: 1623-851A43
Water Pump Housing Kit
Complete Gearcase Assembly Kit
Lower Gear Housing Seal kit for a Mercruiser Sterndrive. It will fit Models R, MR & Alpha One 1991 & Down. This item replaces Merc. # 26-33144A2
A complete Outdrive Seal Kit for a Mercruiser Sterndrive. This kit contains the complete Water Pump kit, Upper Housing Seal kit, and the Lower Housing Seal kit. It will fit the following application: MC-1/R 1970-1983, S/N # 2663442 - 6225576.
Impeller Kit, Water Pump, Mercury, Mariner, Mercruiser


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