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What starter does my engine require?

Top MountBottom Mount3 holebottom mount

I/O Mercruiser (except TRS), OMC, Volvo Penta all use the above style starters in standard rotation. The starter will have only one set of bolt holes; either holes 1 and 3, or holes 1 and 2. This information is provided because many times the combination of engines, starters and flywheels have been changed in older boats. This information will also allow you to determine the flywheel size of your engine. This information is necessary in making repower decisions.

Engines with bolt patterns like NOTES 1 and 3 are used in I/O applications before 1986 (except Volvo Penta V8) with 12" flywheels.

Engines with bolt patterns like NOTES 1 and 2 are used for V8 and V6 engines after 1985 with 14" flywheels.

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Length of solenoid determines if metric.

Metric = 3 1/2"

Regular =4 1/8"


Refers to bolt mounting pattern. Patterns using bolt holes labled NOTE 1 and NOTE 2 are considered staggered style. Both bolts are long. This style starter is used on I/O applications with 14" flywheels.

Patterns using boltholes labeled NOTE 1 and NOTE 3 are considered straight style. The bolt for NOTE 3 is short. This style is used on I/O applications using 12" flywheels.


If you are unsure of which starter is the right one for your application or have additional questions, please call our Tech-Help line at
(252) 504-3355.