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A remanufactured long block is a partial engine which includes: The block with all the internal parts, the heads with all internal parts, an oil pump and a gasket set to put on the remaining parts of the engine. Nothing else.

Valves, locks, springs, guides, rotators, push rods, rocker arms and balls ALL NEW! Block Deck And Cylinder Heads 
Are Milled To Assure Proper 
Sealing –All Blocks Are 
Align Honed as needed.
Hardened Valve Seats (For Use With Unleaded Gasoline) Are 3-Angle Cut For Optimum Seating. Cylinder Heads Are Vacuum Tested To Assure Perfect Sealing.
High Quality Felpro.jpg (15798 bytes)
Gasket Sets Provided.

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Cylinder Walls Are Precision Bored And Honed For Optimum Performance.

New fmbig.gif (13692 bytes)
Marine Camshaft.

New fmbig.gif (13692 bytes)
High Quality Hypereutectic Pistons, Piston Pins, & Rings. Balanced Within 3 Grams For Smoothness & Longevity.
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Timing Chain, Gears Or Belts Installed.
Rods Are Checked For Bend And Twist On Precision Measuring Gauges, Then Resized And Honed To OEM Specifications.
Extensive Checking & Testing:
*Spin Test for Pressure
*Hot Water Pressure Tested & Heads Re-Torqued
*Compression Tested
All New
Oil Pump.
New Brass 
Freeze Plugs Installed.
Crankshafts Reground, Polished,
 And Oil Holes Camfered to Rigid Specifications.
All New fmbig.gif (13692 bytes) OEM Quality Main, Rod, And Cam Bearings. High Quality Rear Seals.
Custom shipping crate

Each Remanufactured Engine is shipped in a customized, damage-resistant container.

All Gaskets, Mounting Materials & Factory Limited Warranty Papers are Included.

All of our remanufactured Long Block marine engines include new Federal Mogul hypereutectic pistons, new piston rings & pins, new cam, rod and main bearings, new camshaft & lifters, new timing gears & chain, new Fel-Pro high quality gaskets, new brass freeze plugs, new Melling oil pump, and cylinder heads with hardened valve seats. Each remanufactured Long Block is magnafluxed, pressure checked, spin tested, hot water pressure tested, compression tested and oil flow tested. All remanufactured Long Blocks are backed with a nationwide 2 year, unlimited hours, factory limited warranty (the best in the business).

Do the math! 

Low costs 
+  2 year factory limited warranty 
best value 
for re-powering 
your vessel.

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