Frequently Asked Questions

Velvet Drive Pump Indexing:

How do I index the pump on my Velvet Drive transmission?

The Velvet Drive marine transmission is probably the most common transmission ever produced. They have several models. They use model numbers like 71, 72, 1017, 1018, 1004, 1005, 1013, 1014. These models all use a cast iron case and have a pump located closest to the motor that is held on with 4 bolts.

This pump can be indexed to be used with either a LH (automotive rotation) or RH (opposite automotive rotation). This can be a little confusing, so let me make one statement that will make it all easier. THE ARROW ON THE PUMP HOUSING MUST POINT IN THE DIRECTION THAT THE FRONT OF THE MOTOR IS TURNING. So if the front of your motor is turning clockwise standing in front of it, the arrow on the pump housing must point clockwise (or to the right).

Some people will swear that you can change the output by changing the pump indexing. THAT IS NOT TRUE! If you take this transmission off of an engine and rotate the pump 180 degrees and put it back on the same engineā€¦.IT WILL DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Well it actually will run the pump dry and probably ruin it!

Warning: The 2.10:1 ratio is the only direction specific model transmission. The reduction planetary will only oil in the direction it is setup to turn. If you put a 2.10:1 ratio on an opposite rotating engine than it was designed for, the planetary will fail.

I hope this helps!