Frequently Asked Questions


How do I determine the rotation of my Ford Marine engine?

We have many people call and cannot determine their engine rotation. Sometimes the starter is missing or the engine is locked up and will not rotate.

You can easily determine rotation on Ford V8 engines by looking at the distributor gear. The gear on the LH (automotive Rotation) and RH (opposite automotive rotation) are different.

First of all, all I/O engines are LH rotation.

Look at the distributor gear. The helix (angle) of the gear are opposite each other. If you hold the distributor cap away from you and the gear toward you the angle will "point" toward your left or right hand. This will tell you the engine rotation. Pointing to your left hand is a LH rotation, pointing to your RH is a RH engine.

Look at the arrows on the picture for reference:

Ford Engine Rotation illustration