Frequently Asked Questions

What is NOT covered under limited warranty on electrical parts?

Since electrical parts are non-returnable after the sale, it is important to know what is not covered by the factory limited warranty on items such as Starters and Alternators.  Our manufacturers' warranties protect you from defects in materials or workmanship, but they do not cover such things as:

 Rust, Corrosion or Submersions:

Our manufacturers treat every component with a special rust and corrosion resistant coating to prevent water damage.  However, it is impossible to protect the unit from direct contact with water.  Therefore, a failure directly caused by rust, corrosion or submersion is not covered by limited warranty.

Broken Mounting Flanges or Shafts:

A broken flange is typically caused by improper installation.  The mounting holes may look evenly spaced in a triangular pattern, but they are not -- one hole is slightly offset.  Forcing a mounting bolt into the offset hole may cause the flange to break.  This may also occur if the mounting bolts are not tightened evenly.  A broken shaft is caused by a malfunction in the gearbox.  These breaks are not material defects, and they are not covered by limited warranty.

Cut Wires or Dismantled Units:

Cutting a unit's wires or dismantling a unit immediately voids the manufacturer's limited warranty.  In addition, taking a motor off the reservoir and trying to install it on an old reservoir usually damages the brushes and seals in the motor.  Disassembled parts are not covered by limited warranty.

Broken Nose Housings:

This type of failure is always blamed on a bad casting.  In fact, it is caused when a starter, spinning at a high rate of rpm, comes to an abrupt stop.  This can occur when an engine backfires or momentarily releasing the start switch and re-engaging the starter before it has spun down.  It may also happen when a cylinder suffers a water hydraulic lock.  In either case, the damage is not due to a defective unit, and is not covered by limited warranty.