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What is a New Marine Base Engine?

A New Marine Base Engine is an engine which is produced by either GM or Ford for the manufacturer of marine engines (ie. Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo, etc.), which these manufacturers use as the base for their finished product. We, in many cases,can supply the Base engine eliminating the middleman at a greatly reduced price. Remember, the engine is new so it is has all the latest updates in design which may make it hard, or expensive to replace an earlier style engine. The engine usually includes, the block with all internal parts,heads,intake manifold,valve covers,circulating water pump, timing cover, harmonic balancer, oil pan, and flywheel. This description is typical for the small block Ford & Chevy, but can change at any time. Below are examples of Marine Base Engines.

wpeC.jpg (86618 bytes)
3.0L base.jpg (23608 bytes)
Ford 5.8L V8 250 horsepower 351 cid
Marine Base Engine
GM 3.0L Inline 4 Cyl. 145 horsepower
181 cid Marine Base Engine
4.3L base.jpg (30017 bytes)
5.7L gen I.jpg (29896 bytes)
GM 4.3L Vortec V6 223 horsepower
262 cid Marine Base Engine
GM 5.7L Gen I V8 240 horsepower
350 cid Marine Base Engine
5.7L gen IE.jpg (30053 bytes)
5.7L gen II LT1.jpg (30710 bytes)
GM 5.7L Gen IE V8 307 horsepower
350 cid Marine Base Engine
GM 5.7L Gen II LT1 V8 320 hp
350 cid Marine Base Engine

7.4L base.jpg (26219 bytes)

7.4L hp.jpg (25575 bytes)

GM 7.4L V8 338 horsepower
454 cid Marine Base Engine
GM 7.4L High Performance V8 392 hp
454 cid Marine Base Engine

8.2L base.jpg (22646 bytes)

GM 8.2L V8 414 horsepower
502 cid Marine Base Engine