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Factory reliability at an affordable price

357 MAG Bravo 4V

357 MAG Bravo 4V

325 Crankshaft Horsepower

Thanks to its size and power, this is the ideal replacement engine for 5.0L, 350 MAG, 7.4L and 454 engines that power cruisers, small boats and large runabouts.

  • Best Bang for the Buck Value Available
  • 1-Year Factory Backed Limited Warranty
  • 2 Years of Mercury Product Protection Coverage available

$7895 +freight
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HP / kW @ flywheel
  • 325 / 242
Maximum RPM (WOT)
  • 4400 - 4800
Engine type
  • V-8 Remanufactured Iron Marine Block
Displacement (L)
  • 357 / 5.8
Displacement (CID/L)
  • 357 / 5.8
Bore and stroke
  • 4.04 x 3.48" / 103 x 88 mm
Compression ratio
  • 9.4:1
Fuel ethanol tolerance
  • Up to 10%
Engine control system
  • Thunderbolt V w/Knock Control
Fuel delivery system
  • 4V carburetor and electric fuel pump
Fuel injection system / carburetor type
  • 750 cfm Weber 4V with electric choke
Air induction
  • Dual plane aluminum intake manifold with brass water crossover
Alternator amp / Watt
  • 65 amp / 917 watt
Water drain system
  • Multi-point drain
Exhaust system
  • Electro-deposition paint coated warm iron manifold with wet joint elbow
Cooling system
  • 160F Raw Water
Accessory drive system
  • Serpentine belt
Lubrication system
  • High Flow 60 psi Oil Pump
Recommended oil
  • Mercury MerCruiser Synthetic Blend 25W-40, NMMA Certified FC-W Synthetic Blend
  • Cast Hypereutectic Alloy
  • Powder Metal Rods and Nodular Iron Crankshaft
Rocker arms
  • 1.5:1 Stamped Steel
Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • 32 x 30 x 22" / 814 x 740 x 559 mm
Weight (engine only)
  • 871 lbs / 395 kg

Compatible drives
(application dependent -
contact us)

  • Bravo One 1.50:1
  • Bravo One 1.65:1
  • Bravo Three 2.00:1
  • Bravo Three 2.20:1
  • Bravo Three 2.43:1
  • Bravo Two 2.00:1
  • Bravo Two 2.20:1
  • Bravo Two 2.43:1

$7895 +freight
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One tough marine engine.

Much tougher. And much better. They have to be after what the boater puts them through. It starts at the Mercury factory. It's the only place they remanufacture engines. Back where they were first designed and built. First thing they do is full dis-assembly. The head is completely taken apart and goes through a four-step, high-pressure "hot" cleaning process. Then they inspect everything. They machine, bore, and hone critical components to original tolerances. They replace cracked or corroded components (no weld repairs like you'll find with the aftermarket guys). We replace the oil pump, the valve springs, and all fasteners. They apply new paint. And finish up with a process nobody in the aftermarket can or will do. Hot testing. They fire up the engine and run it for at least 15 minutes under pressure. See if the oil and coolant are doing their job. See if the engine performs to the same high standards as a new Mercruiser engine. And to make it official, they back it the same way. With the same Mercruiser one-year limited factory warranty.

We are proud to offer these factory remanufactured engines.

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call 1-800-562-2742 and ask to speak to a marine engine technician.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice