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OMC Sterndrives

Lower Unit
Illustrated Parts Diagrams of Lower Units
Lower Gearcase Components - Stringer 1978-1985 with Mechanical Shift
Lower Gearcase Components - Cobra 1986-1993
Lower Gearcase Components - Cobra 1994-1998

Lower Unit Assemblies

Gearcase (Lower Unit) Assemblies & Parts


Lower Unit Parts for Stringer

Bearings/Thrust Washers Lower Gearcase Seal Kits Shafts

Gears & Sets

Seal Kit Lookup Stringer Shafts/Gears Chart

Lower Unit Parts for Cobra

Bearings/Thrust Washers Lower Gearcase Seal Kits Shafts for Cobra
Gears & Sets Seal Kit Lookup Cobra Shafts/Gears Chart

Lower Unit Parts for SX

Bearings/Thrust Washers Lower Gearcase Seals/O-Rings & Seal Kits Shafts

Upper Unit

Illustrated Parts Diagrams of Upper Units
Stringer 1973-1985
Cobra 1986-1993
Cobra 1994-1998
Hardware Shafts Yokes & Related Parts
Impeller Lookup Water Pump Parts  
Upper Unit Parts for Stringer
Bearings Upper Gear Sets Upper Seal Kit Lookup
Housing Assemblies Upper Gearcase Seal Kits  

Upper Unit Parts for Cobra

Bearings Upper Gearcase Assembly Upper Seal Kit Lookup
Universal Joints Upper Gearcase Components Upper Gearcase Seal Kits 
  Upper Gear Sets  

Upper Unit Parts for SX

  Upper Gearcase Seal Kits  

Transom Assembly

Illustrated Transom Parts Diagrams

Intermediate Housing - Stringer Mount
Transom Assembly - Cobra 1986-1993
Transom Assembly - Cobra 1994-1998
Ball Gear Accessories O-Rings for SX Transom Service Kits
Bearings for SX Seal Kits Universal Joints
Bellows Shift Cables  
Gimbal Bearings Transom Plate Seals  
Trim System Parts
Solenoids for Trim Motors Tilt Shafts Trim Pump Motors
Tilt Motors Trim Hoses Trim Repair Parts
  Trim Senders  

Engine Parts

Engine Couplings / Couplers Internal Engine Parts Lookup Valve Cover Gaskets
Engine Gasket Kits Oil Filters Remanufactured Engines
Head Gaskets Oil Pan Gaskets  
Fuel System Parts
Carburetor Kits Choke Assemblies Fuel Pump Lookup
Carburetor Kit Lookup Fuel Filters   Throttle Position Sensors
Carburetors Fuel Pumps  
Water Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Fresh Water Cooling, Thermostats, etc.
Circulating Water Pumps Fresh Water Cooling Kits Thermostats & Kits
Circ. Water Pump Lookup Thermostat Housings T-stats & Kits Lookup
Special Order Power Steering Coolers

Exhaust Parts

Illustrated Exhaust Parts Diagrams
Select your OMC Exhaust System
Exhaust Bellows Manifolds Exhaust Manifold Kits
Gaskets, Mount Kits, Fittings Risers, Elbows, & Accessories  
Electrical Parts
Alarm Senders Ignition Coils Spark Plugs
Distributor Caps Ignition Modules Trim Pump Motors
Gauges and Senders Ignition Wire Kits   Tilt Motors
  Tune Up Kits  
Starters and Alternators
Alternators Solenoids Starter & Starter Relay Lookup
Bolt Kits for Starters Starters Voltage Regulators
Exhaust Hose, Corrugated Fuel Tank Fill Hose Water Hose, Hardwall
Exhaust Hose, Hardwall Fuel Tank Fill Hose, Corrugated Water Hose, Softwall
Exhaust Hose, Softwall Hose Clamps  
Fuel/Feed Vent Hose Water/Heater Hose, Heavy Duty  

OMC Cobra 400: stern drives 2.3 to 3.0L - 13 spline prop shaft

OMC Cobra 800 & King Cobra: stern drives - 15 spline prop shaft
OMC SX Cobra: (Æ94 and newer) - 19 spline prop shaft

Specialty Tools

Marine Service Manuals
Miscellaneous Parts

Transmission Parts

Borg-Warner Velvet Drive Parts Hurth Transmission Parts Transmission Service Manuals
Controls and Steering
Controls Control~Steering Hardware Rotary Steering
Control Cables Rack Steering  

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