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Specialty Tools for OMC
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Tool Engine Alignment for Mercruiser OMC Cobra SX Volvo SX 91-57797A3

Engine Alignment Tool that can be used on Mercruiser OMC Cobra OMC SX and Volvo SX stern drives to align the drive to the engine during installation. IF your unit is not aligned properly you WILL strip the coupling on the motor. It is used on all Mercruisers, OMC Cobra, Cobra SX, and Volvo SX drives. This item replaces OEM: Merc. 91-57797A3.  

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Propeller Wrench Set, Mercruiser, Mercury, Mariner, Force, Honda, 1-1/16"

1-1/16" Propeller Wrench Kit (blue) for Mercury/Mariner/Force V4 & V6, 75, 90, 100, 115, 125, 135, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 HP; all Mercruiser; Honda BF75-BF130
comes with GLM21271
OEMs: Mercury: 91-8218871T1; Honda: 89-89206-ZW7-000AH

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Tool Drive shaft Shimming for OMC Johnson Evinrude

Driveshaft Shimming Tool, one piece design vertical shimming tool for most OMC Sterndrives and Johnson/Evinrude Outboards. It comes with GLM90335 Shim Finder.
Compatable with Johnson/Evinrude V4 60° 1995 & up, V6 1976 & up
OMC Stringer/Cobra 3.0L, 3.8L, 4.3L, 5.0L, 4.7L, 5.86L
View Instructions for GLM90330 Shimming Tool (PDF)

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Tool Johnson Evinrude OMC Lower Unit Pinion Nut Adapter Kit

Pinion Nut Adapter Kit designed to hold 5/8� pinion nut when removing pinion gear and drive shaft on OMC sterndrive and Johnson/Evinrude Outboard. Comes with GLM90350

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Tool Drive Shaft Adapter for OMC Johnson Evinrude Outboard 314438

Drive Shaft Adapter Tool for OMC Sterndrives and Johnson Evinrude Outboards.
This tool splines to the drive shaft and gives a hex head for a socket to fit on.
Used when tightening or loosening the pinion nut.
Included in GLM90340 Pinion Nut Adapter Kit
OEM: 314438

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Wrench for Spanner Nut on OMC Cobra and Stringer 912272

Spanner Wrench specialty tool for OMC outdrives
Replaces OMC # 912272

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Adaptor Drive Shaft for OMC Stringer Pinion Nut 311875

Drive Shaft Adaptor for Pinion Nut on OMC Stringer
Tightens and loosens pinion nut
Replaces OMC # 311875

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Adjustment Tool Shift Cable for OMC Cobra 914017 915271

Shift Cable Adjustment Tool Kit for OMC Cobra
Contains Bellcrank Alignment Plate (OEM # 914017) and Shift Cable Tool (OEM # 915271)

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Tester Ethanol Fuel Mercury 91-879172T28

Tester for Ethanol percentage.
Replaces: Mercury 91-879172T28

Instructions: Fill with water to the line, fill with gas to the neck, put lid on and shake vigorously, stand vertical with cap on, let stand for 10 minutes, locate the gas/water separation line and read scale for percentage of Ethanol in the fuel.

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Puller Gimbal Bearing Removal Tool for Mercruiser OMC Volvo

Gimbal Bearing Puller Tool for Mercruiser, OMC and Volvo Penta sterndrives. Sometimes the gimbal bearing can be a real pain to remove. This tool is designed to get the toughest gimbal bearing out.  

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Tool Gimbal Bearing Installer Mercruiser OMC Volvo

Installation Tool for Gimbal Bearings on Mercruiser, OMC and Volvo Penta SX sterndrives  

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Pump Oil for Lower Unit Fits Quart Bottles

Oil Pump for Quart bottle, 4 cc pump and 3/8" - 16 swivel metal marine filler fitting. Ideal for adding Gear Lube and other fluids to small engines and marine lower units. Flexible Hose for hard-to-reach fill plugs. Adaptor included with pump fits Mercruiser, Mercury, OMC, Evinrude, Johnson, Volvo, Force, Sears, Gamefisher, and Honda (70 HP and up) Models.
  • Ideal for "do-it-yourself" owners
  • Quart size application is perfect for most marine drives
  • Includes lube fitting for domestic lower units with flexible fill line

Lower Unit Pump

Lower Unit Pump


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Oil - Fuel Filter Wrench

This handy wrench removes screw on type marine water separator fuel filters and most oil filters
Tough, forged stainless steel